Welcome To Exclusive Tele-Intro Club

This is a telephonic introductions Club’s name, as the title suggest it is aimed at an EXCLUSIVE class of people, yes it is aimed FOR THE CLASS, NOT MASS.

If you are broad minded, friendly and willing to meet new interesting MEN -- WOMEN -- COUPLES do read on on how to widen your existing circle or begin on making new contacts

Who can participate or benefit from this scheme?
It is absolutely essential that applicant be a person who is at least 18 years completed in age and is :

DECENT in behaviour and mannerism
EDUCATED for sensible and effective communication
DISCREET to maintain confidentiality, display understanding to others
CULTURED for carrying one’s self in good standing and decorum
SOPHISTICATED creating good impression and creating a healthy image
SOCIO-ECONOMICALLY from a comfortable background for successful friendships

Meeting such forward and free thinking persons can add a lot happiness, fun and excitement in your life. Remember you are not the only one who needs someone compatible to share life’s joys and sorrows with each other, once you join us you will be coming in touch with others like you!

What is the scope of this membership?
Our services are open to members all over India and overseas without any limitations. Being based in Mumbai we have a very strong base here and members in many other places too.

How confidential and reliable the service is?
It is 100% confidential since your name & phone # is not disclosed to anyone unless approved and consented by you along with best times to call in every case of introduction. There will be no blind calls nor will any mailing be done at your address which is meant for our office’s bona fide records. You will always know about who is likely to call you up

What is the process of introductions? How many introductions are provided?
PROCESS: is based on your own full introductions filled up in the bio-data form about yourself(s) AND indications about what kind of people you are looking for (gender, age-group, cities/countries and nature or qualities desired,

mutually compatible members from our list
you their profiles telephonically so that you can confirm or ask any further details required by you, similarly get onsent from selected members too.
will be established between such pre-consented and thoughtfully matched friends by telephone as one of you can contact the other on phone number(s) we furnish

It gives members “thoughtfully matched and pre-consented” contacts.
Our personal attention and understanding adds a lot to your success.



Is the response from members guaranteed? What is success rate?
Since all the introductions are thoughtfully matched and consented by both the members one can expect the response to be 100%. Human relations are difficult to foretell and it’s the willingness coupled with mutual understanding by both members that contribute largely to success rate.

How many introductions are provided during the year of membership?
Process we use eliminates trial-and-error method on your part and every introduction is equivalent to 10-15 random trials. There is no pre-set limit to the number of introductions from our end. We have observed a guaranteed minimum 5 up to 15-20 introductions as normal response. Maybe more laso, all depends upon how wide is the range of friends desired by you!

When can I join and how soon are the introductions provided?
Your membership commences from the very date of joining and is valid for full 366 days!! Normally you can expect to have first introduction within a week or two at the most. For overseas and upcountry travelers, we can also speed up the process to within a day or two whenever required.

What are the membership fees?

Below are the options for membership to choose from.
1-year membership
3-year membership
Life Membership
Females & Couples seeking only male friends can pay one-time fee covering life membership
================= Alternately ================
5-year refundable deposit scheme
Deposit amount (refunded in full at maturity)
Plus Per introduction fee
5-introductions package
Female members unable to pay fees are given complimentary membership.

How to pay the fees and where to send the payment?
Please refer to the file “Payment Modes” for complete instructions.

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